With our HubSpot integration, you can sync your CRM data directly into Autobound to power our suggestion engine. Matched through our CRM data onboarding process, this integration allows Autobound to suggest daily activities, and display the most relevant information needed to reach out to a contact.


Requirements for this Integration:


  • You must have a HubSpot Sales paid account (Professional or Enterprise). 

  • You must have contacts that have job titles, emails and companies associated with them. 

  • You must have contacts assigned to you as the contact owner (or company owner)

  • You must have contacts that aren’t current customers (and denoted so by lifecycle stage)

  • The email you want to use to send emails within Autobound, must be the same email you use inside Hubspot.

  • You must integrate your email address under settings → Integrations - Email integrations.


To find the HubSpot integration tool:


  • Log into your Autobound account.

  • Click your profile picture in the bottom left.

  • Click “Link to Hubspot”

  • Log into Hubspot if you need.

  • Click the account you’d like to integrate with.

  • Select “Request Access”



What to Expect

  • We'll create Autobound specific lists inside if your Hubspot account.

  • The contacts in your account will occasionally appear inside Autobound if they make sense to reach out to based certain triggers being True

  • You will be able to view all Activity and Deal information associated with a contact or company inside of Autobound. This information will be used to customize the emails Autobound creates.


To sign up for HubSpot CRM, visit HubSpot.