Prospecting put on auto-pilot



By integrating Autobound
with Salesforce, you can:

Instantly surface actionable insights the second you click on a prospect in Salesforce

Easily open a prospect’s record in Salesforce from within

Prioritize who to reach out to
through Autobound’s Suggested Campaigns feed

Import any custom field from Salesforce, to build “if this, say that” messaging from

Report on trends of which triggers and personas respond to certain messaging

Gain visibility into
Autobound ROI through
detailed dashboards


Sellers can now convert fragmented, inactionable CRM data into high-converting, personalized messaging at lightening speed

Your top seller’s
workflow, on steroids.

Autobound instantly executes the prospecting workflow that could otherwise take a skilled salesperson 30+ minutes. The second you click on a contact record, Autobound instantly surfaces highly actionable insights on that contact, alongside a personalized, ready-to-send email.

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Know who to reach out to, and why.

Autobound makes it easy to target prospects based on specific events and insights relevant to your sales process. By continuously listening for relevant insights occurring at accounts in your territory, Autobound “prospects everyone at once.” Now you can ensure you’re spending your time sending the right message to the right prospects.

Unparalleled prospecting precision on 3rd party insights

Most Salesforce reports are rarely used, and difficult to action on as a seller. Autobound let’s you build rule-based “triggers” on combinations of CRM and 3rd party data. Want to see every CFO in your CRM whose employer has raised funding in the past two weeks? What about every VP of Sales whose employers are hiring 3+ SDRs?

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Easily add prospects to Outreach & Salesloft

Kick-off a sequence from an email sent from Autobound. Get in front of the right prospects, more often.

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Josh Randolph

Autobound also helps us leverage the time and money we've spent on building out a CRM full of prospects when the timing is more relevant. It takes a look at our leads, listens for triggers we create

"OK, now's the time to reach out again, and here's the message you should send." 

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