How Hubs uses Autobound to increase BDR output, reduce new hire ramp time, and re-engage old leads.

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7% of contacts emailed
turned into sales opportunities

150+ opportunities created

60+ deals won

3x increase in sales productivity

Parent: Protolabs (NYSE: PRLB)

Founded: 2013


Manufacturing, Internet

Revenue: $25M

The problem

Hubs, a distributed manufacturer, struggled with outbound sales inefficiencies before switching to Autobound. Prospect targeting was done poorly, reply rates were low, and ramp time for new SDRs was lengthy.

The solution

By leveraging Autobound’s sales intelligence platform, Hubs has seen an increase in reply rate, closed deal rate, revenue, and overall sales efficiency. Hubs has seen over 60 deals close from contacts they reached out to using Autobound. Hubs’ North American sales team has seen an over 3x increase in pipeline creation than their counterparts not using Autobound.


Stephen Murphy

Sales Director

“Autobound enables a new rep to come onboard and do two things, really be more efficient as a sales person earlier on and also learn about our company and customers at the same time.”

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Prior to adopting Autobound, Hubs found themselves often sacrificing personalization for scale. New hires struggled to learn and execute the prospeting and outreach workflow. Most had difficulties understanding how to find prospect insights, then turn those insights into a compelling message. With Autobound, Hubs SDRs found themselves "co-piloted" through an advanced prospecting workflow, then queued up high-converting personalized messaging.

Hubs SDRs used to spend countless hours searching for relevant insights, like companies buidling or developing new products, before reaching out. Using Autobound, BDRs were given the superpower to instantly surface relevant insights up to 30x faster. Hubs can now “listen” for specific events when they occur at target accounts, like acquisitions, new product releases, funding rounds, and more.

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Faster, and easier

Autobound enabled Hubs to prospect and write personalized emails 5x faster (Took 2.5 minutes instead of 12.5 minutes on average).

As most companies do, the Hubs sales team also struggled with prioritizing who made the most sense to reach out to. Using Autobound, Hubs was able to prioritize exactly who to engage at a certain point in time, across a database of over 80,000 prospects. The result? 7% of the contacts they emailed turned into qualified sales opportunities.

Our Q&A with Stephen

What do you like best?

Autobound is the future of where sales and marketing are going.... They are constantly iterating their product based on customers' feedback, and they act quickly. With Autobound, we used only a few entry-level sales employees to take on the task that other sales regions had trouble keeping up with, even with more personnel. We are a data-driven company, and the data clearly showed that we performed better with fewer employees in the region that we use Autobound than with other regions that manually took on similar tasks. With Autobound, it was quick to pinpoint customers who we needed to communicate with, and create the messaging – saving tons of time – which was crucial to close new prospects. We now use Autobound in many more cases: reactivating old customers, keeping tabs on current ones, expanding with larger clients, and moving quickly with new leads. In all cases, our salesforce was freed to focus where they add the most value.

What benefits have you realized?

The benefits speak for themselves with the data we've seen. Internally, we've seen a significant increase in response rate from prospects, enabling us to have "real" conversations with prospects that turned into customers. We haven't needed nearly as many sales employees to handle this communication. Onboarding new sales employees also became much easier because we created tailored messaging that was aligned throughout the company. All financial metrics show an ROI in many ways using Autobound, and we will continue to expand the use cases.

What do you dislike?

“It's difficult to say that I "dislike" any aspect of Autbound. There are areas where they could improve -- but that's true for any growing company changing the game in an industry (Rome wasn't built overnight!).”

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Business Development Representative

Jan 17, 2020

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Jan 17, 2020

“Customized and Personalized Sales Outreach"

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“Hands down, the future of sales-tech"

Oct 17, 2021

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Oct 16, 2021

“Best prospecting automation / sales intelligence product I've used so far"

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