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3x your reply rate. Try for free!

Researching a prospect and writing a personalized, thoughtful email shouldn’t take 20 minutes. Autobound increases email reply rate by generating personalized, relevant sales emails using AI.

Free for individuals. Team bigger than 5? Click here to get in touch with sales.

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Works where you do

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Trusted by sellers at leading businesses

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Prospect research turned into a science.

Generate more email replies in less time.

Our AI scans through millions of prospect insights, then incorporates the most relevant into a compelling, persona-specific message.

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Here are just some of the powerful insights that drive Autobound’s personalization.


Shared Experiences

You went to the same school
You worked at the same company
You live in the same city or state
You share a previous employer
Your companies share an investor
Your companies share an customer
Your companies share a partner


Using a technology you integrate with
Using a technology you compete against


Company buys assets
Company makes investment
Initial public offering (IPO)

General Business

Developing new offering
Increases headcount
Launched a new integration
Launches new offering
New customer
New or existing competitor
Opens new office
Vulnerability problems


Hires new leadership
Promotion to leadership role
Left company

Work Anniversaries & Celebrations

Received honor
Won award
Work anniversary

Social media

Job responsibilities
Work history


Reference specific pain points
Segment by function, industry, company size + more

Customer Win Stories

Based on the persona you’re reaching out to

Market Trends (coming soon)

Micro and macro Industry specific

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You went to the same school

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Work anniversary

Start generating more email replies today.

New feature release!

Autobound is now on LinkedIn 🔥

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Trusted by sellers at the world’s most innovative companies

“Biggest benefit I've realized is the time saved during the lead prospecting process!”

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Matt P.

Business Development Representative

"Autobound generates hyper-personalized emails automatically, that might otherwise take me 20 minutes to write!"

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Antonio F.

Global Expansion Consultant

"Autobound AI is taking me from "good" to "GREAT!" Will 2x my income this year alone!!"

Ellipse 71-1.png

Kevin K.


"Personalization outreach has become crucial in sales and this tool has saved me time, a lot of time! I am able to send relevant personalized information to the prospect in a matter of seconds!"

Ellipse 71-2.png

Ami T.

Account Executive

"Fantastic time saver for personalizing cold outbound!"

Ellipse 71-3.png

Noah D.

Sales Development Representative

"A much-needed market-changing product that's the future of sales/marketing communication."

Ellipse 71-13.png

Stephen M.

Sales Director

“Not only saves time, but also leads to higher open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates!”

Ellipse 71-9.png

Matthew R.

Account Executive

"The information Autobound pulls is impressive. It can pull shared experiences you might have, for example, a previous company, and add that into a personalized opener."

Ellipse 71-14.png

Sam W.

Sales Development Representative

" is a must-have tool for anyone looking to streamline their workflow and increase productivity. I highly recommend it!"

Ellipse 71-10.png

Eric G.

Account Executive

"Autobound makes it easy to systematize the 50-step prospecting workflow that previously took me 30 minutes when writing a single email to a prospect."

Ellipse 71-12.png

Michael G.


"Best tool to step up your email game."

Ellipse 71-11.png

Brienne H.

Business Development Representative

"The ChatGPT for sales emails - total game changer!"

Ellipse 71-5.png

Madeline B.

VP of Operations

"I am always looking for a way to personalize my emails at an efficient rate. Autobound allows me to do this without all the research and extracurricular workload of researching a prospect."

Ellipse 71-6.png

Jake M.

Account Executive

"Email personalization has never been easier."

Ellipse 71-8.png

Kai H.

Customer Success Manager

"Autobound is a legitimate no brainer when it comes to sales emails. Traditional outbound efforts require research, connection, planning ,and of course, a whitty email. Autobound does all that for you in seconds... 100% recommend."

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Vinnie S.

Enterprise Account Executive

"Excellent Solution. The personalization to help your reps stand out."

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Jimmy B.

Sales Director



CEO at Xactly & Autobound Advisor

"Having a data driven, replicable and personalized outbound sales process has never been so important. Autobound's sales intelligence platform takes that process to a new level. This will soon be a “must have" for effective sales teams."

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G2, the world’s leading business software review platform, connects visitors to over 57,000 companies. Here’s how Autobound stacked up in their Spring 2022 Report.

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  • Likelihood to Recommend in Sales Intelligence

  • Easiest To Do Business With in Sales Acceleration

  • For Quality of Support in Sales Engagement

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See how Autobound can unlock
personalization at scale for you today.

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