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Send individually personalized emails via Outreach sequencing where every message is unique to every recipient.

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Personalization at Scale

Transform Your Outreach Sequences with Autobound

Elevate your Outreach campaigns to new heights with Autobound’s advanced AI integration. Say goodbye to generic emails and hello to personalized outreach that resonates, engages, and converts.

How it works

Leverage your existing sequences from Outreach, then select the emails you want Autobound to rewrite, personalized to each prospect.
Choose your sequence

Easily import existing sequences from Outreach

Simply choose which sequence you want to connect to Autobound. To ensure every email to every prospect is totally unique, Autobound creates a duplicate of this sequence in Outreach.

Each personalized email step will contain a {{customField}}, which we’ll populate with the email body and subject line for each prospect who enters the sequence.

Personalize every step

Select which steps you want to personalize with AI

Select which emails you want our AI to rewrite, with deep personalization threaded in. You can even keep the same sequence structure with other task types, like calls and inmails.

We’ll create a new sequence, with {{customFields}} for each step you want personalized, that will later be updated on the prospect level by AI-written emails.

Stay in your stack

Add prospects in a single click

With your sequence created, simply add prospects to the AI sequence right from Outreach. Don’t worry, Autobound pushes prospects into Outreach for the emails to be sent, so you can track analytics in one place.

Tweak (or not) and send

An intuitive interface to review and approve AI content in bulk

Last step, you can ensure every email looks A+ before sending. Our content review interface is one-of-a-kind, showing the insights driving personalization right next to the editable emails themselves.

This flow enables users to batch-approve 100s of prospects and 1000s of prospects at once. Personalization at scale is here.

Increase your reply rate in Outreach

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