• Having a data driven, replicable and personalized outbound sales process has never been so important. Autobound's sales intelligence platform takes that process to a new level. This will soon be a "must have" for effective sales teams.

    Chris Cabrera

    CEO | Xactly

  • “This changes the game for outbound sales engagement. A prospecting and outreach process that used to take 20 minutes and 5 tools can now be done instantly and at scale with Autobound.“

    Pere Kodina

    CEO | Kompyte

  • “I’ve seen sales reps struggle to manage their territories for 11 years straight. Heck, I’ve struggled with it myself at times. Meaningfully reaching out to EVERY prospect in a territory who  might turn into a customer is near impossible. Autobound is changing that entirely.“

    John Premus

    Sales Manager | Intralinks

  • “What I really like about Autobound is their ability to show me relevant information on my target accounts all in one condensed place. Typically I have to spend time and brainpower searching for an account to work on and any relevant news associated, typically with no results. When you have relevant news and events about your target companies come to you, it's easier to prioritize your account book and your day.” 

    Wilson Lee

    Account Executive | Hired

  • “Instead of just complimenting daily outreach processes like other softwares I use (Mixmax, yesware for sequence creation and engagement tracking) Autobound actually automates the most integral and time-consuming aspect of my job as a tech sales BDR. I spend hours of my day researching and composing personalized emails to catch the eye of busy prospects and only receive a few responses AT BEST a week. Automating this process with Autobound would allow me to widen my net of prospects and therefore get more responses and spend more time calling and generating leads.” 

    Hannah Correll

    Sr. Sales Development Rep | Beyond Pricing

  • “Sometimes it takes me 5-10 minutes to   figure out how I should write the opener of an email. I want to make sure I’m switching up the language to   my prospects, especially if I’m reaching out to   multiple people at the same company. I think one of the most powerful features of Autobound is the ability to cycle through snippets of text until I find one I’m comfortable sending. This is a HUGE benefit.” 

    William Mahoney

    Account Executive | KeepTruckin'

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