Apply to Autobound's Invite Only
Ambassador & Advisory Program

Why join the program?​

Daniel here (Co-Founder and CEO). We're thrilled to introduce our Ambassador & Advisory Program for elite  sales development practitioners. By joining the invite-only program, you'll have the unique opportunity to help shape the future of our product, share our story, and earn serious referral compensation, while gaining street cred and work experience along the way. Not to mention being on the inside of the AI revolution (which applies to anyone in the recession-prone work environment).

As an emerging leader in the hottest category the world has seen in decades, you'll have the opportunity to help us sculpt the future of how B2B sales is done. You'll also be affiliated with an A+++ team of Autobound's investors and advisors. To mention just a few...

  • Richard Socher - CEO of
  • Henry Schuck - CEO of Zoominfo
  • Sam Gutmann - CEO of OwnBackup
  • Simon Chan - CEO of PredictionIO → acq. by Salesforce
  • Ryan Hart - Product Manager at Zoominfo
  • Tad Witkowicz - 3x CEO & Founder (2 IPOs, 1 sale)
  • Chris Cabrera - CEO & Founder of Xactly
  • Deepak Agarwal - Prev. VP of AI at LinkedIn
  • Kane Lightowler - CRO of Expanse → acq. for $670mm
  • Jim Dickie & Barry Trailer - Founders of CSO Insights
  • Suresh Khanna - prev. CRO at Pilot & Adroll
  • Roderick Jefferson - SVP of Enablement at Magnit
  • Mitra Goswami - Data Science & Machine Learning at ActiveCampaign and PagerDuty

What's in it for you?

  • 20% uncapped revenue kickback for any deal you bring us (my buddy makes ~$80k / year doing this for other companies)
  • Right to add "Product Advisor" or "Ambassador" at Autobound to your LinkedIn for street cred
  • Access to invite-only Ambassador Slack community w/ Autobound founders
  • 1 free license Autobound's product
  • Autobound swaaggg!! (we'll ship to you)


  • Engage with all activity coming from Autobound/Autobound Co-Founders on LinkedIn (we keep it fresh + high quality!)
  • Post about Autobound on Linkedin at least once monthly (we want to share our story with you!)
  • Introductions to 1-2 companies/sales teams per month
  • Provide feedback on Autobound's product! We'll post info on our strategy / features in the Slack group