Skuid, a Salesforce-Ventures backed startup, uses Autobound to increase BDR productivity, reduce seller ramp time, and write personalized emails 8.8x faster.

ROI realized by just month 3 of usage
increase in # of BDR activities/month*
Salesforce Ventures, Marlin Capital
*Based on a 2 month rolling average of activities before and after using Autobound

Skuid is a UI/UX toolkit for Salesforce that helps businesses build apps faster with less code. Their cloud-based user experience platform allows organizations to create applications for tracking resource productivity, sales engagement and other business activities. The solution has a drag-and-drop application composer that allows users to create app components using codes from a pre-built library. Like most ambitious growth-stage startups, Skuid understood the importance of creating a repeatable outbound sales motion to supplement inbound revenue. Skuid’s sales enablement team looked to Autobound to institute a more efficient and effective outbound sales methodology down to the persona level. With Autobound, Skuid’s BDR team can instantly surface actionable insights on their prospects and generate personalized emails 8.9x faster than they were previosuly able to (27 seconds vs 4 minutes). BDRs have a far easier time knowing who to contact, what to say in their messaging, and how to prioritize their day.

The problem

Despite Skuid’s success, they were struggling to build a repeatable outbound sales process prior to implementing Autobound. Choosing who to contact was an inefficient guessing game, prospecting took a considerable amount of time, reply rates were low, and ramp time for new SDRs was lengthy.

The solution

With Autobound, Skuid has been able to target and engage prospects with both personalization and scale. Skuid’s BDR team is now able to automate high value prospecting tactics that previously took enormous amounts of time, like monitoring M&A activities at Salesforce-using companies, or sending targeted messaging referencing events and the specific pain points of the persona being targeted. As a result, even junior BDRs have been able to generate enterprise opportunities. in 1/5 the amount of time it normally takes reps to ramp up.

We asked Skuid’s BDR team a handful of questions... Here’s what they had to say...


“Autobound's differentiation is clear from the rest of the sales technology I use.”


“If Autobound were taken away from me, outbound sales would be more difficult.”


“I’ll generate more meetings using Autobound than I would if I didn’t.”


“If we continue using Autobound, future BDRs will become productive earlier than if we stopped.”


“I have a much easier time determining who I contact and what I say in my message than I did previously.”

Users were asked to rank these statements on a scale from 1-10. 1 meaning ”strongly disagree” and 10 meaning “strongly agree”

Josh Randolph

"I hope my competitors don't see this."

If you've been responsible for demand generation with a team of BDRs for 5 minutes, then you know the problems and challenges are many. Autobound gives our team the ability to target the right people at the right time with the right scale. Autobound enables new team members to engage prospects on day one at a level that previously would have taken weeks and months to achieve.

Sales Enablement Manager

Skuid previously struggled with identifying the right buyer insights to build an efficient playbook and messaging strategy based on the personas they were targeting. Now, Josh says that even new hires have been able to execute prospect targeting and strategic outbound workflows that only a small portion of fully-ramped BDRs did previously.


# of campaigns sent by Skuid BDRs referencing unique news events triggers at target accounts, such as funding rounds, acquisitions, executive hires, awards & more.


2,063 # of campaigns sent by Skuid BDRs referencing custom hiring trends at target accounts, such as “hiring Salesforce Developer roles”, “hiring 3+ Customer Success” roles, & more.

Rob Consoli

"Exceptional Company with Outstanding and Compelling Insights"

We need actionable intelligence not only on our customers but also in key target accounts. We want our sales team to be more efficient in terms of who they invest their time in and for maximum return on that investment. [Autobound] provides us insight and triggers about accounts that we would otherwise have trouble with or would be time-consuming to find on our own. Their team works very hard to ensure we continue to get value in the information they provide.

Chief Revenue Officer

Skuid has also realized considerable efficiencies surrounding their usage of Salesloft. Their BDRs are able to use Autobound within Salesloft to increase the quality of their cadences. As a result, Skuid hasn’t just seen an increase in the personalization and relevance of each email sent, but consistent lift in outreach velocity across each BDR.

Because Autobound tracks what insights are leveraged in the emails Skuid sends, such as a reference to a recent acquisition or open Salesforce Developer roles, Skuid can track which engagements are the most effective.

In addition to a more streamlined story around top-of-funnel pipeline creation, Skuid is has also been able to institute a consistent branding process in their GTM, by pinpointing which content is resonating with personas in certain industries.

Mitchell Keim

Obviously it's so convenient to remove a large portion of research time to figure out what's going on in my target accounts. It's such a helpful feature to immediately get triggers when my accounts are hiring specific roles or have been part of an acquisition, and the data that predicts all of that is always solid! I also love getting to easily switch out snippets of emails based on the persona I'm targeting. So far, it's been a huge help!

Business Development Representative

Skuid recently extended their contract through the upcoming year while expanding their use case for leveraging Autobound. Team Autobound is incredibly proud to support Skuid’s Squad.

Laura Williams

"Autobound is doing the hard part of my job for me!"

Autobound not only surfaces relevant and timely information about my prospects, but it offers a unique custom message, as well. The messaging sounds like I took the time to personalize it myself, but it's completely automated. This saves me a lot of time, and I'm able to reach out to way more prospects each week. Autobound is doing the part part of my job for me!

Business Development Representative

Our Q&A with Josh

What do you like best?

Autobound gives our team the ability to target the right people at the right time with the right scale. Simply the best way to leverage the investment you've made in people and technology, and it's helping us book meetings that we would have missed otherwise. The team goes the extra mile and is committed to our success with the platform.

What do you dislike?

I wish we had started using Autobound earlier. It does take some work to set up, but I knew it would pay off. I was right.

Matt P.

“Prospecting made easy”

Jake M.

"Amazing Personalization and Effeciency!"

Matthew R

“Makes Personalized Emails Easy”

Kevin K.

"Autobound AI is taking me from "good" to "GREAT!" Will 2x my income this year alone!!"

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