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TechMagic saw a 150% increase in monthly meetings with Autobound.

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*Based on 5 months of usage

18% increase in monthly SQLs

7+ hours saved for every 100 emails sent

10x reduction in time spent 
researching and personalizing

53% increase in monthly activities

3x ROI

Employees 100-250

Software Development


Lviv, Ukraine

TechMagic is a software development company focused on JavaScript application development, mobile app development, AWS, and Serverless consulting.

TechMagic has become a leading provider of software development services across Europe. Over the years, they've built a profound network of prospective customers, but as that list grew, it became increasingly difficult to maintain constant engagement. They were searching for an efficient way to re-engage their contact database with a personalized approach, while also maintaining their velocity on new accounts. Hence their decision to move forward with Autobound.

The problem

TechMagic has a talented sales team, but even the best sellers are limited by time. Personalized outreach was already the standard for their sales approach. TechMagic sellers only reach out if there’s a compelling reason to do so. The downside - sending between 25-50 personalized emails was an all-day event, and would take sellers between 6-8 hours to research their accounts 1 by 1, find compelling reasons to reach out, and then to personalize their message.

Sellers faced a constant dilemma - how should they balance their time between contacting new prospects and following up with prospects already in their CRM? Opportunities were clearly being missed.

The solution

With Autobound, TechMagic has been able to increase productivity for key steps in their sales cycle by nearly 10x. TechMagic sellers went from spending ~25 minutes on research and personalization for every email, down to ~60 seconds. This enabled them to reach out to over 1,500 companies in the last 5 months that never would have been touched.

TechMagic finds enormous value in Autobound’s job opening and news event insights, such as funding and awards. Rather than scanning 20 different sites to gather this information, they can now find it instantly, all within one system. Autobound saves them upwards of 6 hours a day, while simultaneously enabling them to personalize at scale. 

Most Techmagic sellers had only 2-3 months experience before implementing Autobound. Just one month later, they began prospecting like experts resulting in 150% more monthly meetings.


Oleksandr Demianyk

A vital solution for modern sales!

The challenge with having a large prospect list is it’s difficult to know who to spend your time selling to, and where to look to find valuable information that would consequent a compelling reason to reach out. Autobound's triggers solved that problem. We constantly stay up to date with actual information about our contacts, such as news events and open job positions. Moreover, Autobound makes personalizing emails a breeze, because it recommends what to say based on the data received from the system, and from my CRM.

Demand Generation Manager


TechMagic specializes in supplying Javascript, AWS, and Salesforce developers. Previously, they would constantly be scanning job sites and career pages to determine which companies had open positions. They then needed to click into the job postings to see if the company is built on a tech stack they can support. This process took hours from them every single day. Because of this, they simply did not have enough time to reach out to as many companies with a personalized approach as they’d like.

With Autobound, they're able to customize the insights they track down to the keyword. If they only want to reach out to companies that are hiring Javascript developers, they can easily do so through Autobound’s insight engine. Now, all they need to do is wait for Autobound to listen for the insights they track and recommend who to contact when the timing is right!

The result - they're able to blow their activity metrics out of the water, while also maintaining a highly personalized approach.

TechMagic decided to renew their contract with Autobound, and will be bringing on a handful of additional users as they hire them over the next couple of months.

We asked the TechMagic team a handful of questions...
Here’s what they had to say...


“I'll generate more meetings by using Autobound than I would if my team didn't use Autobound.”


How likely are you to recommend Autobound to a friend or colleague?


“With Autobound, I have a much easier time determining who I contact and what I say in my message than I did previously”


Rate this statement: Autobound's differentiation is clear from the rest of the sales technology I use


“If Autobound were taken away from me, outbound sales would be more difficult.


“I’ll generate more meetings using Autobound than I would if I didn’t.”

Users were asked to rank these statements on a scale from 1-10. 1 meaning ”strongly disagree” and 10 meaning “strongly agree”

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Accounts contacted that would have otherwise remained untouched


Increase in monthly activities


Mike B

"Great tool for outbound sales!"

Autobound tracks what’s happening at my target accounts automatically. Based on the data it finds, it will recommend which prospects to reach out to, and what email I should send. It’s an amazing concept for outbound ABM strategies :)

We use it to work with the existing pipeline of our cold target accounts. We understood that we could significantly decrease the time our SDRs spend prospecting to our existing pipeline. Additionally, Autobound gives us updates on our current target accounts so we can follow up at the right time with the relevant messaging.

Head of Marketing

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Faster, and easier

Autobound enabled Skuid to prospect and write personalized emails 8.8x faster. You could too.

Autobound voted as the
“most important tool in our tech stack”

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Business Development Representative

Jan 17, 2020

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“Hands down, the future of sales-tech"

Oct 17, 2021

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Jan 17, 2020

“Customized and Personalized Sales Outreach"

Ellipse 71 (7).png

Oct 16, 2021

“Best prospecting automation / sales intelligence product I've used so far"

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The best way to increase your team’s output. Find out why.

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