Point, click, personalize.



By integrating Autobound
with Salesloft, you can:

Easily bring personalization into every email sent through Salesloft

Add a prospect to an Salesloft cadence after sending an email through Autobound

Prioritize who to reach out to through Autobound’s Suggested Campaigns feed

Easily open a prospect’s record in Salesloft from within Autobound

Instantly load highly actionable insights the second you click on a prospect in Salesloft

Gain visibility into Salesloft cadences influenced by Autobound


Increase revenue and Salesloft ROI by engaging the hottest
prospects with personalized messaging at the right time.

Click to insert personalized messaging into Salesloft.

It’s that easy. Sellers can improve the quality of their Salesloft sequences using Autobound’s messaging, which can be personalized based on real-time news events, job openings, technologies used, shared previous employers, mutual interests, previous interactions, closed-lost opportunities, custom CRM fields, the specific persona of the contact, and more.

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Know who to reach out to, and why.

Autobound makes it easy to target prospects based on specific events and insights relevant to your sales process. Now you can ensure you’re spending your time sending the right message to the right prospects.

Easily add prospects to Salesloft cadences

Kick-off a sequence from an email sent from Autobound. Get in front of the right prospects, more often.


Using Autobound's Salesloft integration, see how Skuid realized a 279% increase in BDR activity and 18x ROI by writing personalized emails 8.8x faster.

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Pere Codina

"This changes the game for outbound sales engagement. A prospecting and outreach process that used to take 20 minutes and 5 tools can now be done instantly and at scale with Autobound."

CEO of Kompyte

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