Autobound is the #1 Likely to be Recommend AI Sales Assistant, determined by G2

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Today, Autobound is thrilled to announce that we've been selected as the highest rated AI Sales Assistant on G2, a leading software review and comparison website. 4 years ago, we set out on the mission to build the best personalized sales email writing product industry-wide, and our team is beyond excited to watch that come to life.

"It's beyond exciting to hear users share stories of how they're winning deals because of emails they wrote with Autobound. At this point, it's rare that a day goes by without an SDR pinging me on how we changed their workflow forever, or how we helped them resurrect a prospect that ignored their past 10 emails. Seeing this feedback come together with the latest G2 distinction feels really good. Best of all, we have some game-changing features in the pipeline like AutoboundChat."- Daniel Wiener, Co-Founder and CEO of Autobound.

Autobound didn't just rank #1 most likely to recommend amongst AI Sales Assistants... we won the SAME designation across all Sales Intelligence Personalization, and Sales Acceleration Platforms on G2.

The #1 Likely to be Recommended in AI Sales Assistants, Sales Intelligence, Personalization, and Sales Acceleration Platforms

Our approach to blending generative AI into email personalization also helped us secure "#1 Likely to Recommend" in AI Sales Assistants, Sales Intelligence, Personalization, and Sales Acceleration Platforms. With other players like Outreach, Salesloft, Apollo and LeadIQ now competing in the email generation space, we're humbled to by this designation, and grateful to the thousands of users who have supported us.

With the explosion of generative AI,  it's no surprise that customers are looking for the best solution on the market. G2's ranking stands as a testament to our vision and commitment to providing an experience that doesn't just write emails quickly, but does so with personalized, natural-sounding language.

"Autobound has made the difficult to learn (and teach) process of prospect research and email personalization so much more efficient. My team’s previous prospecting process of looking up facts about the prospect’s background, their company, etc. has gone completely out the door with this new tool. I also started using Autobound as a kind of research assistant with the news insights it can provide instantly before any phone calls or meetings with prospects.
Autobound essentially replaces the personalization and writing process from start to finish which has allowed my team to send out a higher volume of emails that are more personalized, warm, and even funny (you’d be surprised at the cleverness of the AI). The insightful openers and value props save both time and effort while maintaining and even improving our overall quality with our leads."- Eddie Baron, Vice President of Global Account Development & Partnerships at Zoomin

What is Autobound again?

Autobound is a VC-backed startup that generates hyper-personalized emails using AI, based on news events, shared experiences, personas, market trends, and more. Sellers from 1,000 companies use Autobound to automate their prospecting & research workflows, and to write incredibly emails with ease.

Anyone can start using Autobound for free, at www.autobound.ai/sign-up-free

Daniel Wiener

Oracle and USC Alum, Building the ChatGPT for Sales.