Autobound Earns 59 #1 Rankings in G2’s Summer 2023 Report

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Today, Autobound is thrilled to announce that we've been ranked the #1 Likely to be Recommended Sales Acceleration Platform in G2's latest Summer 2023 report. Altogether, Autobound received 59 1st place awards across 8 categories, including Sales Intelligence, Sales Engagement, and more.

Autobound is the #1 Likely to be Recommended Sales Acceleration Platform
Autobound is the #1 Likely to be Recommended Sales Acceleration Platform

Autobound, which empowers Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) and Account Executives (AEs) to create hyper-personalized emails based on a myriad of insights, has been recognized as a clear leader by G2, a leading software review website.

In G2's 2023 Software Report, Autobound has been rated #1 in an impressive array of categories, including Alerts, Open Rates, Reporting/Dashboards, Email Categorization, News Alerts, Price and many more. This recognition is a testament to Autobound's commitment to solving the challenges faced by SDRs and AEs in their daily operations.

"Autobound is an absolute game-changer for sales email writing. It has significantly improved my response rate and made the process of crafting hyper-personalized emails a breeze." - Tre W, Sales Development Representative.

Autobound's platform addresses the time-consuming and monotonous process of prospect research and personalization. By automating the process of scouring the internet for relevant insights about target buyers, Autobound enables sales teams to create highly personalized and relevant emails in a fraction of the time it would traditionally take.

Autobound's exceptional performance is reflected in the over 110 five-star reviews it has received from users across 2,500 companies. This overwhelming positive feedback is a testament to the platform's effectiveness and user-friendly interface. Autobound's category leadership was further accelerated by a $4M series seed round, with participation from Dundee VC, AIX Ventures, and angel investors, including Henry Schuck of Zoominfo. This investment has empowered Autobound to continue innovating and solidifying its position as a leader in sales email automation.

"Autobound takes the long time away from the equation and allows you to be extremely efficient with your time while still being able to provide highly personalized emails to your audience." - Yves G, Sales Development Representative.

These glowing reviews are reflected in Autobound's performance in the G2 report. The company's dominance across multiple categories demonstrates its effectiveness in addressing the pain points of sales teams and its ability to deliver a high-quality, reliable, and user-friendly platform.

The G2 report is based on unique algorithms that calculate customer satisfaction and market presence scores in real time, based on user reviews and data aggregated from online sources and social networks. Autobound's high placement in these categories underscores its commitment to providing a top-tier solution for sales teams.

"We are absolutely thrilled by the recognition we've received in G2's 2023 Software Report," said Daniel Wiener, CEO of Autobound. "These awards are a testament to our team's relentless dedication to creating a platform that truly empowers sales teams. We're committed to continually innovating and refining our platform to ensure we're delivering the best possible solution for our users. This recognition from G2 is a fantastic validation of our efforts, and we're excited to continue leading the way in sales email automation."

Autobound's performance in the G2 2023 Software Report is a testament to its innovative platform and its commitment to solving the challenges faced by sales teams. With its ability to automate the process of creating hyper-personalized emails, Autobound is set to continue leading the way in sales email automation.

About Autobound:

Autobound is a pioneering sales intelligence platform that leverages AI to generate individually personalized sales emails, significantly increasing email reply rates. The platform conducts a comprehensive analysis of metadata on buyers and sellers from across the web, including news events, shared experiences, company initiatives, personas, competitors, and more, then suggests highly personalized emails 8-10x faster than a human can write them. With a recent $4M series seed round, Autobound continues to innovate and solidify its position as a leader in sales intelligence. For more information, visit www.autobound.ai.