Interview with Autobound Co-Founder & CEO Daniel Wiener

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Autobound Co-Founder & CEO Daniel Wiener recently joined Founder Insights editor Dustin Betz to give an update on the latest at their sales intelligence SaaS startup.

Autobound is an FI San Francisco portfolio company that fully composes hyper-personalized outreach to automate persona-based sales. Their integrated prospect engagement system suggests who to contact, what to say and when to say it based on enriched buyer profiles. Co-Founders Kyle and Daniel were the top 1% of sellers at Yelp and Oracle.

In recent months, the startup has doubled their user count, hired a serial entrepreuneur as CTO, grown "campaigns sent per user" by ~200%, completed an integration with Hubspot CRM, and opened up a new office in SoMa (San Francisco).

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Key Founder Insights from CEO Daniel Wiener:

"What I realized in my first 5 years in tech sales was that there was no platform that supported the process that could help salespeople combat the inefficiencies that they face on a daily basis... We set out to build the platform that we (and our coworkers) so desperately needed to succeed."

"The way we see the sales landscape, our thesis is that it's extremely fragmented. The average enterprise sales team has 25 tools at their disposal. So how do I bounce around these to craft not just the best message, but understand who the heck should I send it to. And we're taking the approach where data isn't just insightful, it's actionable. So we combine the contact information with the research component mixed with the expert follow up and cadence and sequencing."

Within Autobound's 1-stop-shop, you know who to contact, what to say, when to say it, and why.

"We've launched into the HubSpot ecosystem. They have about 60k customers, and HubSpot's built a phenomenal brand around how they can enable businesses to better field inbounds, better build their marketing cadences, and the suite of technology that comes with the HubSpot stack. But where we fit in, is that HubSpot's users have this aching need for a more efficient, reliable, and easy-to-setup outbounding process. They have a phenomenal set of data in the CRM, so we from day 1 we can already leverage all of these important things that users have setup and already been working with on HubSpot, and we piggyback on that to say, 'Here's a super-changed outbounding platform through Autobound' that all of their users can leverage."

"I've been most proud of our 10 paying customer mark. We've still had zero churn, and that's something I'm continuously proud of - I know it's not gonna stay that way forever - but I love that we've also converted every single trial into a paid contract."

"Starting a company is binary. Either you're in or you're out, and there's no in between. So I think for any founder who's going to start a business, unless you're gonna commit everything and disregard the no's, unless you have that mentality, it's just too easy to get knocked down."

"Lean on other founders and entrepreneurs. No one is more helpful, no one is going to help push a sale through their business faster than another CEO will. No one is going to make better introductions to other investors than another Founder will. Investors aren't gonna find the same level of respect and qualification through another intro channel aside from a channel - leaning on other entrepreneurs is huge."

Autobound is live on the Hubspot marketplace with 13 paying customers, has 85 companies on their waitlist, is among the top 2% of Founder Institute's 4,000+ portfolio companies that have placed into our Select Portfolio. Early statistics show the platform can write a sophisticated message 20x faster than a human, with a better open rate.

Autobound is joined by a heavy-hitting advisory board, including Chris Cabrera (CEO of Xactly), Suresh Khanna (ex CRO/President of Adroll and CRO of Pilot), Jim Dickie & Barry Trailer (Founders of CSO Insights and Sales Mastery), Roderick Jefferson (ex VP of Global Enablement at Marketo), Chris Maresca (Managing Director at the Silicon Valley Software Group), Kevin Siegel (ex-Chief Analytics Officer at Visa), and Matt Bradley (Co-Founder of Bond Financial, ex VP of Machine Learning at SynapseFI).

They've also recently brought in Craig Conlee to their sales team. Craig is an ex AI-for-Sales founder himself, and has closed over $100M in revenue across 20 years in sales. In Daniel's words - "Now he's doing the same for us!"

Daniel and Kyle have raised from angel investors from Salesforce, Carta, Yelp, Workday, and other prominent technology companies.

If you're interested in learning more about Autobound, contact Daniel at daniel@autobound.ai.


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Daniel Wiener

Oracle and USC Alum, Building the ChatGPT for Sales.