Introducing Autobound: The Future of Work for B2B Sales

Updated: Feb 3

The world of sales has gone remote. In order to be competitive, businesses need to have a well oiled outbound sales team. However, the mass adoption of outbound sales automation tools has resulted in flooded inboxes. Getting your “foot in the door” with new buyers is more challenging than ever.

Not that it was easy pre-covid...

Over 126 trillion B2B emails will be sent in 2023 alone (Statista). "Spray and pray", templated emails no longer work.

To spark conversations with modern-day buyers, outbound reps need to be methodical and personalized in their outreach. Unfortunately, that prospecting process is painfully monotonous (and tricky to learn). Only a fraction of sellers do it well, the 80:20 rule is all too much of a reality in B2B sales. Adding insult to injury, most reps who do it right are quickly promoted out of the role. The modern day wild west, check out “Corporate Bro” if you don’t believe me.

After living the pains of outbound sales far too long themselves, Kyle and I quit our sales jobs at Oracle & Yelp to launch Autobound.

Autobound is a sales intelligence platform that empowers outbound sellers to know who to contact, what to say, and when to say it. By capturing information on a sales team’s buyer personas and sales process, Autobound empowers reps to engage the hottest prospects with the best message at the right time. Sales leaders can programmatically input their custom sales practices into Autobound, which can be easily scaled across a sales team, improving quota attainment while reducing time-to-revenue for new reps.

The genesis of Autobound’s system is built on what’s been proven to work in the field. The best outbound sales reps leverage a deep amount of data on their prospects when conducting their outreach. Autobound is consolidating a time consuming, monotonous (to put it nicely), and expensive process.

For context, sales teams with deep pockets might use Zoominfo for contact data, Clearbit for enrichment, Bombora for intent data, Outreach/Salesloft for sequencing, LinkedIn Sales Nav for social selling, and Gong for conversation intelligence. The trickiest part of being an effective outbound seller is knowing how to integrate all the important data into an email, and having the tenacity of doing it 100x each day, every day...

Not to mention knowing (guessing) which prospects even makes sense to prioritize in a given sales territory... which can easily include 1,000+ companies.

Unfortunately, most reps use just a fraction of that important data when crafting their message. Even for those reps who do spend the time uncovering the right data before constructing their outreach, they seldom know what situationally relevant messaging they should use (questions they should ask, pain points to dig into, and so on).

For some teams, the problem is far worse - I used to have SDR colleagues who paid $7/month for an auto-clicker to fake phone calls and emails…. At a company with a household name.

Even the best of breed, high performing sales team sends one-size-fits all, templated emails at a frightening scale. Reps are tarnishing their company's brand, damaging their reputation, and getting their domain blacklisted left and right.

As a result, sales management has been cracking down on who can create content, which makes the messaging even less malleable to the use case of the prospect-at-hand. Worst of all, this takes away the salesperson’s ability to personalize their message and learn how to do outbound sales in the field (think: education by immersion vs. being a "drag and drop" robot).

Contextuality, relevance, personalization, thoughtfulness, and subject-matter-expertise are becoming more important with each passing day. Expecting a sales org (even those highly funded at the enterprise level) to execute with these dreamy traits has been unrealistic, until now.

We built Autobound to narrow the gap between personalization and scalability. The future of outbound sales is driven by quality of execution, and no longer requires a total sacrifice of quantity.

Our sales platform automates an advanced prospecting process across each company in a sales team’s CRM, then presents sellers with an intelligently prioritized feed of click-to-send campaigns (prospects matched with contextual email content). Here's what clicking into one looks like:

Autobound takes the user to the 1-yard line. A user friendly logic-based system enables a team to program custom “if this, say that” sales messaging as they use the platform. The more a sales team send campaigns, updates messaging, and creates new logic based outreach, the more sophisticated and targeted future suggestions become.

From day one, each seller on Autobound has access to our proprietary database of smart sales copy, which is molded to them during onboarding. This smart sales copy is continuously distributed to existing users as new trends and abilities to personalize are learned by our technology.

The result - Autobound’s engine recommends high quality, targeted sales emails based off of salient sales data. Our integrated sales workflow collapses fragmented data on a user’s prospects to create a never ending feed of “suggested campaigns”.

This powerful prospecting process happens in the background for everyone at once. It also gets better with use, similar to how TikTok presents a user with a feed of extremely relevant content based on learned preferences.

Here’s some context on the sources of input data for a suggested campaign:

  • The user’s instance of Salesforce

  • Contact data partners, giving users access to contact information for prospects who match their personas

  • Our data partners, enabling admins to integrate “3rd party triggers” into their sales team’s outreach, including, news events, technologies used, job openings, networks & shared connections

  • Our proprietary database of situationally specific sales messaging (like playing a game of “Mad-Libs”.

To give you a better idea of what the output of Autobound looks like, below are some example excerpts from our suggested campaigns (with associated inputs). See if you can figure out the associated “logic” before scrolling down. The following descriptions of “logic” have been simplified for example’s sake.

Example message: “Wanted to circle back from when Samantha on your team evaluated using our bookkeeping automation system in Q2 of last year. I believe your team went with Quickbooks, how’ve things been with their tool?

Supporting Logic: {{Closed lost opp EQUALS TRUE}} AND {{Competitor Lost To EQUALS QUICKBOOKS}}

Primary Input: records from Salesforce Opportunities

Example message: “Following up from my note in March, trust you’ve been well since. Have you given any thought towards how our system could help you reduce time-to-hire for new SDRs, and enable them to spend more time selling?”

Example logic (SFDC): {{Last Activity Date GREATER THAN 30 DAYS AGO}} AND {{Stage EQUALS QUALIFIED}}

Example logic (AB Persona): {{Persona EQUALSSales Enablement”}}

Primary Input: records from Salesforce Activity Fields & Autobound’s Persona Classification System

Example message: Saw your sales team is set on growth, just read through the open SDR positions on your career page. Are you concerned with how long it’ll take them to properly learn how to prospect through {{CompanyName}}’s Salesforce instance, as well as properly internalize your sales messaging?”

Supporting Logic: {{Technology Used CONTAINSSalesforce, Gmail”}}

Supporting Logic: {{Job Openings CONTAINS “SDR”}} AND {{Count GREATER THAN “3”}}

Primary Input: records from Technologies Used & Job Openings

Example message: Just saw the Techcrunch article on {{CompanyName}}’s $25M Series A round! Huge congrats to you and your team, Andreessen Horowitz is a phenomenal firm. With the focus on scaling revenue and growing your sales team, I think Autobound’s sales intelligence platform could be a game changer”

Supporting Logic: {{Event EQUALSSeries A”}}

Supporting Logic: {{Investing Company IS KNOWN}} AND {{Amount IS KNOWN}}

Referencing Records from Real-Time News Events

Primary Input: Records from news events (Series A to be specific)

Built with love by salespeople for salespeople, we’re as bullish on you hitting quota as you are. Get in touch if you're interested in exploring how Autobound can help close more deals, reduce prospecting and research time, and improve the ability for reps to hit quota on your sales team.

More to come. Thanks for reading.

- Daniel

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