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Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Sales reps are in a never ending tug-of-war between personalizing their outreach and effectively covering their territory. As a result, these reps miss opportunities to close deals, sound generic in their messaging, and contact prospects at the wrong time. Or worse, don’t contact prospects when they’re likely to buy!

Autobound’s predictive prospecting, suggestive activities and actionable analytics enable lead generation at scale. Our augmented intelligence platform combines expert sales strategy with artificial intelligence. We craft meticulously customized, automated emails for sales reps to roll out to their prospects. We help you define your buyer, analyze who to contact, what to say, and when. Best of all, we do it at scale.

Autobound’s platform has been shown to boost set meetings, key email statistics (open/reply/click through rate), and decreases time-to-revenue for new reps.


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