Introducing Sales Assets: Upload Files / URLs for Ultra Personalized Content

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Introducing Sales Assets by Autobound

We understand that your sales content—those meticulously crafted PowerPoints, detailed pricing decks, strategic battlecards, insightful whitepapers, and compelling case studies—is the backbone of your outreach. But until now, integrating this content into your emails has been a manual, time-consuming process. Autobound's Sales Assets feature changes all that.

With Sales Assets, uploading your go-to sales content is as simple as dragging and dropping files into your Autobound account. Our platform supports a variety of formats, ensuring that your PowerPoints, PDFs, Docs, and more are all compatible. Once uploaded, these documents become an integral part of your personalized outreach toolkit.

One Click to Personalized Content

When you're ready to reach out to a prospect, Autobound's Chrome extension makes it incredibly easy to select the Sales Assets that will make your message stand out. Just click on the assets you want to include, and our AI will weave them into the messaging suggestions, along with personalized insights gleaned from your prospect's social media, news mentions, financial updates, and more.

This means that the unique value propositions and messaging that define your brand are now front and center in every email. Autobound ensures that the essence of your go-to-market strategy is reflected in your outreach, making every email feel like it was crafted by your top sales executive.

Unifying Your Team's Outreach Efforts and New Rep Onboarding

With Autobound, when one team member uploads a Sales Asset, it becomes available to the entire account. This shared access means that your best resources—whether it's a killer pricing deck or a whitepaper that perfectly captures your market positioning—are readily available to every SDR and AE on your team.

This collaborative approach ensures that no matter who reaches out, the prospect is met with a unified message that accurately represents your company's value proposition. It eliminates the discrepancies that can occur when different team members use different versions of documents or have varying levels of access to the latest materials.

For new team members, this shared resource pool is a goldmine. It accelerates the onboarding process, allowing them to hit the ground running with proven assets at their disposal. They can confidently reach out to prospects, knowing that the content they're using is up-to-date and in line with your company's messaging standards.

Sales Assets not only streamline your team's workflow but also maximize the potential of each outreach effort. When your team uses shared Sales Assets, they leverage collective knowledge and expertise. This collaborative power translates into more impactful outreach, better engagement with prospects, and ultimately, a higher success rate in your sales efforts.

Ready-to-Use Templates at Your Fingertips

Jumpstart your outreach with Autobound's pre-built templates, available instantly in every account. These templates are crafted by sales experts to cater to a variety of scenarios, ensuring you always have the right foundation for your message. Whether you're nurturing a lead or closing a deal, our templates are designed to save you time and give you a competitive edge. Simply select a template, add your personal touch with Sales Assets, and you're ready to engage your prospects with confidence. It's yet another way Autobound streamlines your sales process, making success more accessible than ever.

An AI System that Actually "Gets" You

We've heard from many users of Generative AI that AI systems often miss the mark because they don't truly know you or understand the intricacies of your value proposition and go-to-market strategy. That's why we designed Sales Assets to be different. By allowing you to upload your own sales content, Autobound becomes an extension of your team, learning and adapting to your unique messaging and value proposition.

No longer will you face the frustration of AI-generated content that feels generic or off-target. With Sales Assets, you're in control, ensuring that every outreach email is as unique and dynamic as your business.

Try Sales Assets in Autobound Today

Embarking on your Autobound journey couldn't be easier. Sign up for our free plan and you can start reaching out to five prospects daily at no cost, perfect for getting a feel for the power of personalized outreach. And when you're ready to take your sales efforts to the next level, our premium plan at just $39/month unlocks unlimited prospect outreach. Begin today and experience the simplicity and effectiveness of Autobound's personalized email solutions.

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