New: "Choose Your Insights" - Tailor Every Prospect Interaction with Autobound's AI-Powered Personalized Email Selector

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Introduction: Personalization at the Speed of Sales

In today's fast-paced sales environment, personalization isn't optional, but mandatory. The challenge? Time. It takes forever to sift through the mountain of information needed to craft messaging that's personalized, relevant, and worthy of a response.

For the past 5 years, Autobound has been developing sophisticated AI technology that collapses billions of third-party data points into highly relevant, personalized email content that drives better engagement. For a given message Autobound writes' our AI might juggle 15 various types of 3rd party insights containing 1000s of data points, such as news events, blog posts, social media trends, and financial insights, competing to be featured in a single message.

While our algorithm is exceptionally smart, it didn't always cater to the nuanced preferences of individual salespeople. For instance, not everyone feels comfortable quoting a prospect's presentation, and some sellers find a competitor's funding news less compelling than the latest industry vulnerabilities. That's why we're thrilled to unveil a new feature that puts you in the driver's seat: the option to select or change the insights that influence your content right before generation. Or, if you prefer, let Autobound's AI work its magic as it always has—either way, you're equipped to engage like never before.

Autobound users can choose insights to write personalized emails

Co-Piloting with AI: Steering Personalized Email with Insight Choice

Autobound's new feature is a leap forward in AI-driven sales enablement. Our technology has always been at the forefront of generating personalized emails, but now we've introduced an unprecedented level of user control. This innovation stems from a simple, yet powerful idea: not all insights have equal weight in every sales scenario, and users should have the superpower to modify which insights impact a suggested messaging, if they so choose.

As co-pilots of the AI, sales professionals now have the ability to handpick the insights that align with their unique selling approach and their prospect's specific interests. Whether it's leveraging a poignant moment from a prospect's recent keynote or capitalizing on a strategic company announcement, our AI email assistant is primed to incorporate these user-selected insights with sophisticated precision.

This synergy between user input and AI efficiency is the cornerstone of our new feature. It empowers you to customize messages that are not only deeply personalized but also sharply focused, all while bypassing the time-consuming research phase. The result? More impactful connections, increased engagement rates, and a sales process that's both personalized and productive.

Autobound users can choose insights to write personalized emails

Real-World Scenarios: Autobound in Action

The true power of Autobound's personalized email feature shines brightest when applied to real-world sales scenarios. Here are a few examples of how sales professionals can use the platform to create messages that hit the mark every time:

Example Scenario 1: Cybersecurity Solutions for a Tech CISO's Rapid Expansion

Insights Autobound discovered
 1. The company's 400% increase in R&D and marketing expenditure indicating fast growth.
 2. A recent podcast featuring the CISO's insights on technology, hiring, and innovation.
 3. News about a competitor's latest funding round and equally fast growth.
 4. The company's announcement of a new product line.
 5. The fact that the CISO used to work at a company that's now a customer.
 6. It's the CISO's 13th work anniversary next month.

The power of choice
In this scenario, a seller might believe that the company's spending patterns and the CISO's podcast appearance are more salient than the competitor's funding or the work anniversary. By focusing on the spending, the seller can discuss how their cybersecurity solutions can scale with the company's growth. The podcast insight allows for a personalized touch, referencing the CISO's own words and establishing a connection. Autobound enables the seller to prioritize these insights, crafting a concise yet potent email that speaks directly to the CISO's current challenges and mindset.

Example Scenario 2: Streamlining Sales for a Startup CEO Post-Layoffs

Insights Autobound discovered
 1. The startup recently underwent a significant reduction in workforce.
 2. The CEO made a LinkedIn post discussing the need to focus on core competencies.
 3. The startup's high sales costs and low profits from the last quarter.
 4. A recent partnership announcement that could signal a pivot in strategy.
 5. The CEO's active participation in industry-related webinars

The power of choice
In the wake of layoffs, a seller might assess that the CEO is likely focused on efficiency and profitability. The LinkedIn post and the financial insights about high sales costs are directly relevant, as they suggest the CEO is looking for ways to do more with less. Autobound allows the seller to highlight these insights, offering solutions that can streamline sales processes and improve profit margins. Additionally, the partnership news could be used to show understanding of the company's evolving direction, tailoring the message to the CEO's immediate concerns and strategic outlook.

Solving a Problem... that We're Kinda Excited About

One could argue that opening Autobound's Chrome extension to find 15 highly compelling insights on a prospect isn't the worst thing at all.

But in an effort to predict the future, we recognize that each seller's preferences are different. The insights that are most likely to drive conversion with their prospects are different. The real art is distilling the most impactful insights into a succinct 4-5 sentence email. Autobound's AI models now learn from the seller’s selections, adapting to prioritize the insights they deem the most salient.

This not only ensures that the messaging is always on point but also that it continually evolves with the seller's style and strategy. We're incredibly excited to arm our users with this new superpower, which will make every Autobound user's account smarter every day.


As we continue to innovate and push the boundaries of what's possible in sales engagement, we're thrilled to share that this powerful new feature is now available to all Autobound users. Whether you're a seasoned sales veteran or just starting out, personalization is the key to unlocking meaningful conversations and closing more deals.

The best part? You can start harnessing the full potential of Autobound's personalized email capabilities for free. Simply visit www.autobound.ai/sign-up-free to sign up and begin transforming your sales outreach today.

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