Autobound Reveals Groundbreaking New Insights For Advanced B2B Personalization and Targeting

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Autobound Announces Innovative Email Personalization Features

San Francisco, CA – Nov. 21, 2023– Autobound, a pioneer in AI-driven sales engagement, proudly introduces its latest feature set, revolutionizing sales email personalization. These advancements underscore Autobound's commitment to sales innovation and deep market insight, offering SDRs and AEs unmatched personalization tools.

Revolutionary Features Enhancing Sales Outreach:

  • Competitor News: Autobound now equips SDRs and AEs with real-time competitor updates, covering the top 3-5 rivals for around 200,000 companies and monitoring over 35 types of news events.
  • Podcast Mentions: Autobound's new feature notifies users when prospects are mentioned in podcasts, providing excerpts for enriched, informed conversations.
  • Financial Insights: Users gain access to 20+ vital financial report insights, enabling more tailored outreach and addressing business-specific challenges.
  • YouTube Insights: Discover and utilize instances of prospects appearing on YouTube, enriching outreach with timely, relevant content.
  • Additional Personalized Input: Users can now input additional context on a prospect, like recent interactions, for AI-integrated, personalized content suggestions.
Insights are instantly displayed to users, then incorporated into high quality suggested messaging.

Recent and Forthcoming Enhancements:

Autobound has recently added a text-highlighting feature for instant, personalized rewrites. The Autobound GPT, now in ChatGPT beta, extends to connection requests, texts, and call scripts. Future updates will introduce case study insights, diverse writing styles (e.g., challenger method, SPIN selling), multi-language support, and more.

Advanced Personalization for Sales Teams:

These features aim to minimize research time, resonate with prospects, and effectively address pain points using financial insights. All users, including free plan subscribers, have access to these tools.

"Daniel Wiener, Autobound CEO, states, "Our commitment to advanced sales personalization is evident in our latest feature set. These tools are crucial for sales professionals to thrive in today's competitive landscape."